Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

Liverbird Upon My Chest

Here's a song about a football team
The greatest team you've ever seen
A team that play total football
They've won the league, Europe and all

A Liverbird upon my chest
We are the men, of Shankly's best
A team that plays the Liverpool way
And wins the Championship in May

With Kenny Dalglish on the ball
He was the greatest of them
And Ian Rush, four goals or two
Left Evertonians feeling blue
Now if you go down Goodison Way
Hard luck stories you hear each day
There's not a trophy to be seen
'Cos Liverpool have swept them clean


Now on the glorious 10th of
There's laughing reds on Wembley Way
We're full of smiles and joy and glee
It's Everton 1 and Liverpool 3


Now on the 20th of May
We're laughing still on Wembley Way
Those Evertonians feeling blue
at Liverpool 3 and Everton 2


And as we sang round Goodison Park
With crying blues all in a nark
They're probably crying still
at Liverpool 5 and Everton 0


We remember them with pride
Those mighty reds of Shankly's side
And Kenny's boys of '88
There's never been a side so great


Now back in 1965
When great Bill Shankly was alive
We're playing Leeds, the score's 1-1
When it fell to the head of Ian St John


On April 15th '89
What should have been a joyous time
Ninety-sixfriends, we all shall miss
And all the Kopites want justice


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